Exciting News!

Exciting News!

We are happy to welcome back Suzana Rizvanolli who will be returning this Saturday, September 2nd. We look forward to her return!

Saturday Appointments

We have added a second acupuncturist to our Saturday rotations. We are pleased to have more appointments available than ever before to meet the needs of our clients who can’t make it during the Monday-Friday work week.

Intern Facials

All of our Interns this semester are qualified to perform the Facial Rejuvenation techniques taught to them by Toni Bennalley L.Ac. Appointments are available with Interns on Wednesdays from 10:30-7pm.

Facial rejuvenation is a safe, non-surgical way to reduce the signs of aging. Treat yourself to a relaxing and effective facial, you deserve it!

$60 for the initial treatment with facial
$45 follow-up with facial.